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If you were born outside the era of internet and smart phones – you probably wonder how non-tangible megabytes travelling from one screen to another can HELP you get more customers dining at your restaurant.

It’s a hard concept to grasp and we’re here to break it down into 5 main ways that mobile device in your pocket could be your new money maker.


We’re talking Instagram, Facebook and the latest to join the social media family, Tiktok. Although these tools are used for networking and chatting to friends, it’s also the most powerful marketing tool on the planet.

How does laughing at a funny meme get people spending dollars at your restaurant? Well take this as an example. You’re scrolling on your feed - delicious maple covered pancakes come up and your first thought is YUM, who is going to come with me to try this café out?


You scroll on your feed and you see rib eye flame steaks come across your screen - wow your mate Jarrod would love this place – tag and send. In a matter of seconds Jarrod’s received the news and next thing you know they’ve BOTH booked dinner at your restaurant.

Abandon billboards and welcome phone screens instead.


We’re all busy people and sometimes we don’t have time to spend precious hours browsing for next best place to eat. Sometimes we’re on the run and we need to know what’s close and what’s good.

So, what do we do? We whip out our favourite search engine GOOGLE and we search ‘restaurants near me’. In a matter of seconds the whole suburb’s food directory is available at your fingertips.

“5points Kitchen looks delicious! In the area with smashing reviews from previous customers. Click onto their website and the menu available too. “

On your way to 5 points you spot a fantastic pizza joint that would’ve been just perfect – but you didn’t see it on your search. Bit too late now, you’re already on the move, maybe next time?

Simple scenarios like this are all avoidable by just setting up your store front VIRTUALLY. If you had yellow pages sitting in your house back in the day, then you’ll understand that having an online presence is the upgraded version of it.


That doesn’t sound right, does it? Well in the world of social media it does. Have you ever told a story with a fuzzy memory and you’ve realised you haven’t done it justice? Same thing goes for recommendations about a good restaurant.

Sure, your best friend can go on and on for hours about this amazing place they ate dinner at but you know what sells the same story but in seconds? A good photo.

If you’re truly are passionate about the food you cook then all the more reason to showcase it to people who have never experienced it.

Majority of people who search for places to eat all rely on the photos and videos they see. Are they going to pick a restaurant they saw with beautiful delicious shots of the menu OR a place with zero photos or even worse, a blurry photo of what looks like carbonara in a dark cupboard?

We know what we’d pick.


Wanting to entice some people into the restaurant? Well hanging up a sign on your front door hoping someone walking their dog might be tempted to pop in, isn’t going to cut it in 2020.

When restaurants have promotions and deals, you want to partly reel in the customers who have dined with you before BUT you also want to add an incentive to someone who’s indecisive about trying your restaurant.

Trying something new is scary. How many times have we tried a new place and thought oh god, should’ve gone with our usual. Well with a little push like 10% off, or complimentary entrée – this may just swing the vote in your favour.

Advertising your promotions online hits NEW customers as well as RETURNING customers.


Have you ever been flat out busy during rush hour and get a call asking a question you’ve heard a thousand times before?

With social media, your restaurant can focus on just the food whilst Facebook and Instagram do the talking.

Gluten free? Vegetarian options? Are you dog friendly? Do you have alfresco dining? Save TIME and slap this all over your social media so those phone lines stay clear for orders.

A money maker and a time saver, who knew?!

Although this is just a small condensed read on how social media gets you foot traffic through restaurant doors. The more important thing is to make sure it’s done correctly.

So, let’s chat!

Contact us on and learn a bit how we put all this into action.

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